New developments & Projects

Environmental impacts and mitigation: Developments and major building projects require the management of environmental impacts in order to conform to planning requirements and the increasingly tight environmental regulations. MM Environmental can provide ecological and related environmental services to enable County Councils and other agencies with development projects to assess and implement environmental requirements.

MM Environmental will carry out site assessments based on the survey and mapping of habitats, species and archaeological features. We will devise an Environmental Action Plan to be provided to companies tendering for contracts or for use inhouse. We will assist in the assessment of Environmental Management Systems proposed by prospective contractors and will provide monitoring of the implementation of such Systems during the construction phase and after.

Conservation, access and heritage projects

MM Environmental has long experience in managing locally based andcommunity biodiversity and heritage projects and projects to improve access to the environment (see project portfolio). These include everything from working with local communities to establish and manage Local Nature Reserves and heritage sites, and projects aimed at conserving individual species, to major infrastructure projects to create off-road cycleways and the Anglesey Coastal Path. In all of these projects we have worked closely with the County Council and other statutory bodies. We can assist in the design, development and implementation of such projects.
MM Environmental's parent company, Menter Môn, has over 9 years experience as the rural economic, enterprise and environmental agency for Anglesey. Further details of Menter Môn's work is described in the accompanying Project Portfolio. During this time we have acquired a depth of experience and expertise in environmental management: conserving our natural and historical heritage, recycling, helping local communities manage their own environment, agricultural diversification and marketing, enhancing access to the countryside, promoting rural tourism. As Anglesey's enterprise agency we work closely with local businesses and are involved directly in the generation of new businesses. The development and management of combined natural and built environment projects is a speciality. For further details of see the Project Portfilio.

Our work in the natural environment includes species conservation projects (the Anglesey Red Squirrel, Otter and Water Vole Projects), habitat conservation projects (Woodland, Heath, Sand Dune, Streams and Rivers, Road Verge Flora, Sea Cliff Habitats) and the establishment of 5 community Local Nature Reserves.

The development of an Environmental Acton Plan will normally require the following stages: Initial Assessment of Development Proposals: We will carry out an initial site appraisal and assessment of the environmental implications and impact of proposals based on ecological, landscape, heritage and socio-economic factors. This will include mapping of habitats and other features. Environmental Impact Assessment: On the basis of the initial site appraisal, a full EIA may be deemed necessary. MMEnvironmental will carry out the EIA, identify all sensitive features, draw up prescriptions for their management, outline proposed positive enhancements and integrate these into an Environmental Action Plan. Protected Species: Special attention will be given to protected species, and especially highly protected species such as the great crested newt and bats, which raise special problems. MMEnvironmental has licensed workers and experience in managing these species. Liaison with Statutory and non-Statutory Bodies: We will manage liaison with statutory conservation and environmental bodies, such as CCW and Environment Agency, and non-statutory organisations such as RSPB. Practical Project Management: We will research, design and implement practical projects, either as mitigation for environmental impacts or to enhance projects, in the areas of conservation, amenity environments, access and heritage. Projects may include:

1) Protection of environmental features, such as trees, species, habitats, archaeological features
2) Habitat restoration or creation, such as river banks, ponds, woodlands, heath, flower rich meadow
3) Habitat and species translocation, such as meadow, heath, small mammals, reptiles
4) Creation of natural landscapes and biodiverse environments to complement development schemes
5) Providing 'watching brief' services for environmental impacts
6) And much more……

Monitoring and Aftercare:
Major environmental mitigation projects will usually require monitoring often for a few years following completion of works. We will manage the monitoring and aftercare for your project for up to 5 years according to the nature of the contract.

Ecological Surveys & Species Identification
Protect Species
Nature Reserves
Creation of New habitats & Habitat Restoration
Pest or Non-native Species
Enironmental Impact Assessment
Access to the Countryside
Interpreting the Natural Environment & Heritage
Specialist Training

  • NVC Phase 1 and 2 habitat surveys
  • Habitats surveys tailored to individual situations, including terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats
  • Species surveys, including birds, mammals (including bats), reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates, plants, marine flora and fauna
  • Advice on management and on the design and implementation of practical projects
  • Species include water voles, red squirrels, bats, birds and others as requested
  • Assessment and evaluation of wildlife sites, including ecology, access, education, agriculture and land management issues
  • Negotiation with local communities and statutory & voluntary conservation agencies
  • Preparation and implementation of management plans
  • Project development and implementation
  • Advice on suitability and practicability of habitat creation or restoration projects
  • Design and implement of projects
  • Advice on management of non-native species, e.g. grey squirrel, American mink, Himalayan balsam
  • Project development and implementation for monitoring and control
  • Full EIA service
  • Advising on environmental and heritage aspects and implications of planning applications & developments
  • Ecological and archaeological surveys and management recommendations
  • Design and implementation of Environmental Management Systems
  • Supervision of environmental mitigation and environmental enhancement works
  • Site survey and evaluation
  • Practical management & restoration
  • Visitor management
  • Advising on access projects, including walking, cycling, horse riding
  • Design and implementation of access projects
  • Development of marketing material
  • Manufacture of countryside furniture
  • Construction of paths, boardwalks, bridges
  • Writing and designing leaflets, brochures and information panels
  • Writing magazine articles
  • Book publishing
  • Production of educational material
  • Specific habitat and species surveying
  • Control of pest species
  • Management of specific habitats

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